Top 5 Quick and Dirty Tips on Tech PR

Ever wondered how all those tech companies get good tech PR on TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Mag and in Fast Co- Check it out. You know you can do better! Here are a few quick and dirty tech PR tips that everyone can use.

1- Be Human – Tell your CEO’s Story- People want to learn from people, and they want to connect with companies that are driven by people. Be the best at telling the world how great your teams are, and start with the He or She that started it and keeps it all going. Check out these guys on Forbes.

2- Tell the Story Behind the ‘Thing’ – So you created a cool app, gadget, plug-in, whatever. Why did you need it in your life? When it came into an idea in your head, what was it solving. Think blood, pain and suffering, orgasmic joy, innovation- why does anyone care? Tell that story and keep it real. Be quick to tell why your gadget is so important to the human race. Here is a little on the story behind, the luxury shopping app. Oh- go download to support a kick-ass lady entrepreneur.

3- Skinny on Press Releases & Media Alerts- Use them. Releases are for the bulk of the story, an alert is for an event where notable people and things will be present. Attach high res pics that amplify the story. (free press release template here)

4- Release the blog post the same time you release your news to the media. Include all the juicy stuff. Release to your media contacts, your social platforms, and your newsletter list. People want to hear what’s happening in your world.

5- Connecting to the media- Traditional versus new media- anything goes. Email, fax, phone calls, or a quick tweet- the people who will tell your story are real people who want to hear cool shit and share that with other real people. Think about the pitch. Here are some great tips on this too-