The three most powerful words… Being comfortable while getting to know a new friend

Hi, I’m Asenath.

There! That’s three words. Easy to remember and easy to spit out of your face when in a position you don’t know anyone and your afraid someone is going to be less than welcoming or randomly step on your foot and walk away if you try to say hello. People don’t really do that in real life.

Being conversational, however, can be tricky at times, so I’ve written down a simple way I remember small talk tips… it’s called FORM and thinking of this word helps me to be a little less anxious when thinking about striking up a conversation with a friend I haven’t met yet.

People love to chat about the people they love, and bonding over familial ties can be rewarding and turn into great conversation quickly.

With an average professional, spending almost half of their awake time working, this can get interesting if you can find the passion points to chat about.

Favorite part of being here in (home state)? I find myself asking this one just like chatting about the weather. People have all different areas they love about where they live.

Some people love to chat about cash: earning it, spending it, philanthropy, etc, while others despise talking about it. Use with caution.

On a side note, positive bonding is great, but bonding my happen over something not so positive. A death in the family, a cause you’re both passionate about, or a child that has gotten in trouble more times than they’ve had a cold in their life… damn pot smokers anyway. Being vulnerable and authentic is a gift, one that few people know how to give. Allow yourself to share your interests, fears, and passions. You’ll find that you either bond that much stronger with the person behind the face, or you realize you really have nothing in common with this stranger, and suddenly have to powder your nose.