Developing Your Own Creative Genius- And Changing Our World

You can't say it like, "Chai Tea," because in Hindi, chai means tea. "Hello friend, would you care for some delicious Tea Tea." Sure, pass me two cups of whatever you're serving! In India, its simple: grated fresh ginger, cardamom pods, black tea, milk, and honey. In my kitchen, in addition to those ingredients, I like to add cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and if I'm feeling a little mischievous (which is often), I add cacao nibs. This is what I have deemed 'great chai'. There are recipes for other 'great' things, like being a great fisherman, mother, writer, entrepreneur, seamstress. In fact, for every profession out there, you can find some semblance of rules about what it takes to be great at that thing. What's Missing??? A simple rule book…
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