asenath horton publicist for women owned businesses

Delight with Asenath ‘CC’ Horton

“I looked across the audience, and with joy radiating from their eyes, they were laughing and clapping as select ‘special ones’ approached the front of the room. The only job I had was to delight, and hot damn, objective achieved, and everyone in the room knew it. They would go on to think about the experience over afternoon coffee with colleagues, and dinner with their families; they now knew the first step to take to become the legacy they had only dreamt of becoming.”

In the early days, all she thought she needed to change the world, was a gorgeous pair of shiny snakeskin heels clip-clopping down the corridor. After the up and down curves of failing and succeeding just to fail again, she never gave up. Failing faster became a testing ground in life, and the scraped knees a passing score.

Horton describes herself as a leader and disruptor, a non-traditionalist who inspires as she goes with a single rule of thumb: “to give as much as you can, and when you feel like you’ve given everything, gives a little bit more.”

She is a publicist and business strategist who regularly trains on launching, leadership, market disruption, and strategic business development. Kicking off her career in ’99 with the launch of her first company, she has launched 11 businesses total including including a magazine publishing company, both clothing and jewelry lines, a construction company, and a digital PR Agency.

She has coached and strategized with hundreds of businesses, ranging from start-up tech companies to multi-million dollar enterprises, helping them build and execute successful strategic business development and communication campaigns.

What you need to know before hiring

Speaker One Sheet includes brief dynamic topic outline for sharing with committees and groups. It also includes a few tips for you to get more butts in seats.

“Asenath is a gifted strategist and marketer. She has strong analytical and communication skills which are further enhanced by her solid entrepreneurial background and her enthusiasm for learning… Her creativity and keen ability to see the end goal, make her a valuable asset for any organization. In addition, she has a wonderful sense of humor coupled with a winning smile that transcends trust, confidence, and the experience and expertise to get things done.”

~Carlos Linares, Business Development, Westminster College