How to Show Enthusiasm (Even when your not the most enthusiastic person you know)

Enthusiasm turns Everyday boring, into an experience!

Dance when you walk into your office, if you’re alone or with friends. Gets your blood pumping, makes your feel silly, and it makes everyone come alive!

Challenge yourself daily to disrupt with fun things. Example: at 11:03 every day, toss a coffee bean into the air and try to catch it with your mouth.

“But I’m afraid!” Turn your fear into enthusiasm. Use that fear as a guiding post of your future, and go that way. Smiling can help you get through it. It will not kill you. Fear and excitement are emotions caused by the same chemical release in the human brain, with the only difference being the story we have about the thing causing the emotion. Turn that “But I’m afraid” statement into “This is AWESOME!!!! :)” and see what happens.

Enthusiasm is the thing that turns ideas into movements. If your one idea is lacking luster, think of ways to make it more fun, and do the one thing that sounds the most exciting. Tell your closestfriends about it, challenge yourself and them to participate. Go all out- create WOW!