Handful of Headlines

There is only one thing in the world that is worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. -Oscar WildeFirst things first- what’s the big idea? Good ideas come when you slow down long enough to think about the reality of your business. Every day, I see businesses passing up media opportunities mostly because they are afraid that ‘no one will show up to their party.’ They don’t even try. It is a reality. But every business person that does great on a TV interview started as a frightened mouse-like person that almost peed their pants before the camera guy Steven said, “3… 2… 1… You’re on.”


To get your creative juices flowing for your business, I have prepared a handful of headlines for you to take, modify, and blast forth into content land.


How-To Headlines:

  • How To Take a Compliment; life coach and mother of four teaches how to embrace imperfections especially when it feels awkward
  • Why remembering names is the brightest compliment to a new relationship (and how you can be better at it); CEO of local game and hobby shop shares tips he has used to sharpen his memory, and also shares a few new family activities to connect with each other on rainy days
  • How to run for office as a busy mom, this single mom ran and won, and now she is off to conquer the state senate starting with Autism Awareness
  • How to Hire on Upwork, Graphic Designer shares hacks for small business branding
  • How to gain 20 new Instagram users daily in less that 10 minutes a week; Suburb mom launched new Etsy business selling handmade furniture for the tiniest of people.

Headlines with Numbers:

  • 5 Steps to Triple your Income when you Retire; Financial Planner Shares Tips and Tricks and talks about planning early
  • 12 Date Night Ideas for Married People to Inspire Romance; LCSW shares shocking new marriage statistics, plus a few quick romantic tricks she has up her sleeve to use on the old hubby
  • 5 Ways to make your Own Protein Power (and save $$); Supplement maker shares a quick solution to the expensive staple
  • 3 Things to Do When You’ve Got Nothing to talk About with your Teen; local youth shelter shares staggering survey results, and urges parents to do a little more
  • 17 Mindful Management Practices to Create a Brighter Culture; CEO employs these practices in a weekly culture meeting broadcast to entire organization
  • Try this 4-step Trigger To Remember Each New Persons Name; brain trauma organization shares importance of memory for coming out of a brain injury

Great Question Headlines:

  • How to avoid the dangers of delegation and how to help people help you? CEO of small printing company shares how he really messed up early on, and how everyone can benefit from a few essential tricks.
  • What is ventilation and how does it decrease my energy consumption? Local roofing company CEO shares research on proper ventilation, and discusses how local homeowners could be saving on average of 15% of energy bills with this one fix
  • Why is it important to sleep on your business branding? Memory expert urges professionals to take more time to think, and partners up with renowned graphic designer to host event on small business branding essentials
  • When is it time to quit your day job and launch your business? Ladies League partner with SBA and ABC Bank to offer a hand up to the moonlighters
  • Be More Productive, Make More Money and Be a Better Dad with a proper Morning Routine; father and author of famous parenting book offers advice and tips