Empower Your Inner Energy To Do More

sidney weeks fiore jewelryThere are more big ideas in this world than there are people willing to simply be themselves and express their ideas: DO THE WORK FRIENDS. Fear of failure and loosing face creates an unwillingness to show what you are really made of. This stops innovation dead in its tracks.

“We should stop being afraid!!! It’s interesting to me, that the largest percentage of women who aren’t afraid to be authentically themselves have been abused in one way or another,” explains Sidney Weeks of Fiore Jewelry. “It’s incredibly sad that it takes something so ugly to bring out some of the best pieces of us.”

With just cause, on average, Women hide 75% of their personalities while men hide 45% of their personalities. Speaking of gender generalities:

When SHE Says

“Hey team, I’m headed to a soccer game with my kids and have got to leave by 2:30 pm.” Feeling guilty as she makes her plans, she looses power and influence with men and especially with women in the office, not because she has a soccer game, but because she has passion outside of the office that people worry are going to steal her focus. She gets loaded with more work, leaves late, and stresses about what didn’t get done. Her son is happy mom made it, but she is distracted thinking about how much she’ll have to hustle tomorrow at the office to make up for it. She is stressed and can’t cheer that little man on the way she has dreamt about all her life.

When HE Says

He simply says, “I’ve got an appointment out of the office this afternoon and won’t be available after 2:30 pm for the day.” He doesn’t share why. He just goes. He is respected for being direct, short winded, and focused on his direction. His daughter kicks ass that much more on that field because daddy is on time, and free of distraction, ready to cheer her on.

They both get the same amount done.