Do exactly what you wanna do in your business

Follow your gut, do things that scare you a little, and above all else, honor your curiosities! It is in those moments that magic is made in your own experience, and breakthroughs occur.

Don’t cower to ‘what it’s supposed to look like’ or you will fail. This is your business, right?!? If you think a thing will make your biz look good, you’re doing it for them. If you think doing a thing because it would be rad, now you’re on to something awesome.

Be interested, not interesting. Ask a lot of questions of people you admire who are ahead of you in the game, not because you are stealing their ideas, but because you are hungry to learn and be a better you.

Be generous with you ‘thank you’s’ and appreciate the tiny moments with celebration. Celebrations are too few and far between, but every day, you are making leaps and bounds towards your dreams, so notice and celebrate.