Creativity Can Be Messy

During a dinner party the other night, my kitchen was unrecognizable. I had at least 17 ingredients for homemade pizzas scattered over every surface: pineapple and ham on countertop one; cheese, peppers, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms on two; pepperoni, spinach, fresh mozzarella on three; sausage and onions simmering on the stove; and a grand total of three pizza dough and sauce stations.

It was magnificent! We had 16 people over, and one of the little guys, 8 yr old Eric, got to hand-throw his dough for the first time in his life. At this particular moment, dirt from the floor didn’t exist. Not because the floor didn’t have something questionable on it, it was because the velvety feeling of soft pizza dough… the way it ripples of the air when thrown… the way the dusted flower puffs away when you finally catch your prize. The experience was monumental!
Laughter, joy, jokes about the invisible dirt on the floor echoed throughout this beloved space that day, and not one person complained about the mess.

Being creative, productive, and having a fulfilling life can be messy at times, maybe more often than not.

Sitting up to my desk at the moment, for an outsider, would be down-right frightening. Being a creative is a messy job, and if this creative sitting at my desk is going to take over the world, I need my space to take over my office with project work! As unraveled and disaster push as it seems, I plow through one project and then the next. Some projects I am working on, have an ending, while others are ongoing. No matter… each and every one has a place in my brain, and a vision for the complete project. Each one of the 12 projects stacks I have in front of me is like a different topping to the perfect pizza life.