How to Show Enthusiasm (Even when your not the most enthusiastic person you know)

Enthusiasm turns Everyday boring, into an experience! Dance when you walk into your office, if you’re alone or with friends. Gets your blood pumping, makes your feel silly, and it makes everyone come alive! Challenge yourself daily to disrupt with fun things. Example: at 11:03 every day, toss a coffee bean into the air and try to catch it with your mouth. “But I’m afraid!” Turn your fear into enthusiasm. Use that fear as a guiding post of your future, and go that way. Smiling can help you get through it. It will not kill you. Fear and excitement are emotions caused by the same chemical release in the human brain, with the only difference being the story we have about the thing causing the emotion. Turn that “But I’m…
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True Leaders Don’t Create Followers, They…

Goal Setting, Ideation, Irresistible, Speaking
This is my favorite way of living life; via example. I believe in excellence in self, and also by celebrating the strengths of those around me. It is magic made in this moment. Teams are solidified, leaders are empowered through their own behavior, communities are lifted. "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." Carl Jung Taken a step further, once you are awakened, you can only then use this to create an awakening in those around you. "Great leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them fulfill their potential." Steven J. Stowell
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Creativity Can Be Messy

Content Generation, Ideation, Irresistible, Marketing
During a dinner party the other night, my kitchen was unrecognizable. I had at least 17 ingredients for homemade pizzas scattered over every surface: pineapple and ham on countertop one; cheese, peppers, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms on two; pepperoni, spinach, fresh mozzarella on three; sausage and onions simmering on the stove; and a grand total of three pizza dough and sauce stations. It was magnificent! We had 16 people over, and one of the little guys, 8 yr old Eric, got to hand-throw his dough for the first time in his life. At this particular moment, dirt from the floor didn't exist. Not because the floor didn't have something questionable on it, it was because the velvety feeling of soft pizza dough... the way it ripples of the air when…
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Building Resilience while Handling Rejection

Goal Setting, Ideation
Yesterday, of all days, I received two frustrating bits of news; both large scale rejection letters. One came in the form of an email, the second came as a piece of snail mail, and both said, in a peanut shell, "After careful consideration and a lot of competition, we're giving this to someone else." If only it was as easy to make peanut butter cookies as it is to read the mail. Rejection, as I have come to understand it is one way of kicking a sales person square in the ass, stating "get out of your own way, and kick your effort up a notch." But this particular conclusion didn't hit me till later on in the day. What hit me first, was a moment to embrace the rejection.…
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