Attention is Generosity

What if a solution is easier than we thought?

Friendships, peace, quality, respect, personal and professional growth… What you give positive attention to will directly impact your ability to influence.

In my garden, I want every piece of organic produce picked to be loaded with minerals, vitamins, and all the good stuff to integrally support a healthy body. I give piles of steer manure, cause that is what’s needed for a plant to thrive, and in return, loads of organic produce, for my children, for myself, and for my unsuspecting friends and neighbors gifted with the overages of crunchy cucumbers harvested from the vines.

Influence as an essence, is ones capacity to effect the movement of the people around us.

Give your unique attention, filled with the essence of you. Listen deeply to the people around you with an intention to understand. Get returns by the thousands on your heartfelt effort.