A Plan VS. An Adventure

public speaker in utah, women in business speaker, womens conference keynote speakerThe thing about prescribing success comes down to one solid point: the outcome. Success is simply a perspective. To some it is clearly defined, while to others, the definition alone defeats the purpose in life.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum between well thought out plan and an adventure, eventually, you will get ‘there’. Stop subscribing to bull-shit expectations and just do you more.

I always fantasize about a specific place and time in my minds eye; I can see the billowing pink clouds reflected in the water at that’s whetting my toes. As I lay sit back and close my eyes… it smells like honeysuckle in full blossom. As I lounge in a hammock without a care in the world, I feel the sunshine-soaked breeze touch my elbows as it delivers the aroma from the flowers straight up my nose. It tastes like warm chianti brought exactly at the moment I wanted it, with a helping of handmade cheese and anti-pasta to satiate me for a while before supper. It sounds like exotic birds… Oh, and music; the lightest strumming of a guitar in the background.

Sensual, and as welcome as a drop of rain to my cheeks on a sizzling summer day; I can see it, and I can work for it, and the moments that come and go in my life now, that resemble my dreams, come more often then not.
Getting There: Planning VS Adventure
This cool thing called a plan is where you think every step through, thoroughly, and then go about doing one thing then the next, and stick with your plan moving forward inch by inch, mile by mile, day in and day out. Planning helps a girl know exactly which course to take. One must follow all the rules, do what is right to do in society. If someone were to look at your plan from 50,000 ft, they would be able to see your anticipated movements, and predict what will happen if something steers you off course. You like rules and flourish with structure. They could prescribe precisely what to do to help you get to your destination faster, or speed up your plan.

And then there’s the crazy part of every one of us… the devil that yearns for ADVENTURE!!! Fuck the plan… All you know is you’ll love the outcome, and you’ll know it when you get there. You’ll surely get banged up a bit on the way, and at the same time, have one hell of a great story to tell. You don’t look for rules to break, but often, you find ways around them or ignore them because they simply don’t apply to you in this very moment of time. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to enjoy your life along the way, but the there isn’t as important as the learning along the way. You are able to rock off course and hop back on quickly because you have learned why things move when you make a choice or create something.

The magnificent difference between these two opposite approaches to a thing is the moment in our lives they intersect.