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asenath horton is a speaker, author and publicist Launch Anything with Asenath Horton

The last time anyone in this city gave up on her watch, was, like, never. She inspires, motivates, and drives home the point of not only why, but how to engage, disrupt, and become the hustler you need to be, to kill it and dominate in your market.

Once upon a time, as a little girl, she just wanted to have gorgeous shoes and change the world. She tried everything, and when those things didn’t work, she didn’t give up. Failing faster became a motto in life, and scraped knees, the trophy and reward. With the staying power of the ocean, Horton launches and dominates with the businesses she has worked with.

Horton describes herself as “a leader and disruptor,” a non-traditionalist who inspires as she goes with a single rule of thumb: “to give as much as you can, and when you feel like you’ve given everything, gives a little bit more.”

She is the founder and Principal at City Launch PR, is a serial entrepreneur and expert publicist who has launched 11 businesses of her own, including a magazine publishing company, both clothing and jewelry lines, and even a roofing contracting company.

In communications and sales since 1999, she has extensive experience in overseeing and managing strategic planning, design and media relations. She has assisted hundreds of businesses, from technology startups to multi-million dollar enterprises, run successful marketing and public relations programs.

She has her own podcast, Featured on iTunes and Google Play, which features professionals and entrepreneurs in diverse industries, is a mentor for VentureCapital.org, the industry Chairperson for the State Board of Education, Marketing Advisory Committee, as well as a Utah Delegate for Vision 2020, Equality in Sight, a national organization dedicated to corporate and political development of Women.

What you need to know before hiring Asenath


Speaker One Sheet includes brief dynamic topic outline for sharing with committees and groups.

“Asenath is a gifted strategist and marketer. She has strong analytical and communication skills which are further enhanced by her solid entrepreneurial background and her enthusiasm for learning… Her creativity and keen ability to see the end goal, make her a valuable asset for any organization. In addition, she has a wonderful sense of humor coupled with a winning smile that transcends trust, confidence, and the experience and expertise to get things done.”

~Carlos Linares, Business Development, Westminster College