Building Resilience while Handling Rejection

Goal Setting, Ideation
Yesterday, of all days, I received two frustrating bits of news; both large scale rejection letters. One came in the form of an email, the second came as a piece of snail mail, and both said, in a peanut shell, "After careful consideration and a lot of competition, we're giving this to someone else." If only it was as easy to make peanut butter cookies as it is to read the mail. Rejection, as I have come to understand it is one way of kicking a sales person square in the ass, stating "get out of your own way, and kick your effort up a notch." But this particular conclusion didn't hit me till later on in the day. What hit me first, was a moment to embrace the rejection.…
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Attention is Generosity

Goal Setting, Speaking
What if a solution is easier than we thought? Friendships, peace, quality, respect, personal and professional growth... What you give positive attention to will directly impact your ability to influence. In my garden, I want every piece of organic produce picked to be loaded with minerals, vitamins, and all the good stuff to integrally support a healthy body. I give piles of steer manure, cause that is what's needed for a plant to thrive, and in return, loads of organic produce, for my children, for myself, and for my unsuspecting friends and neighbors gifted with the overages of crunchy cucumbers harvested from the vines. Influence as an essence, is ones capacity to effect the movement of the people around us. Give your unique attention, filled with the essence of you.…
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Developing Your Own Creative Genius- And Changing Our World

You can't say it like, "Chai Tea," because in Hindi, chai means tea. "Hello friend, would you care for some delicious Tea Tea." Sure, pass me two cups of whatever you're serving! In India, its simple: grated fresh ginger, cardamom pods, black tea, milk, and honey. In my kitchen, in addition to those ingredients, I like to add cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and if I'm feeling a little mischievous (which is often), I add cacao nibs. This is what I have deemed 'great chai'. There are recipes for other 'great' things, like being a great fisherman, mother, writer, entrepreneur, seamstress. In fact, for every profession out there, you can find some semblance of rules about what it takes to be great at that thing. What's Missing??? A simple rule book…
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The three most powerful words… Being comfortable while getting to know a new friend

Hi, I'm Asenath. There! That's three words. Easy to remember and easy to spit out of your face when in a position you don't know anyone and your afraid someone is going to be less than welcoming or randomly step on your foot and walk away if you try to say hello. People don't really do that in real life. Being conversational, however, can be tricky at times, so I've written down a simple way I remember small talk tips... it's called FORM and thinking of this word helps me to be a little less anxious when thinking about striking up a conversation with a friend I haven't met yet. Family. People love to chat about the people they love, and bonding over familial ties can be rewarding and turn…
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Top 5 Quick and Dirty Tips on Tech PR

Media Relations
Ever wondered how all those tech companies get good tech PR on TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Mag and in Fast Co- Check it out. You know you can do better! Here are a few quick and dirty tech PR tips that everyone can use. 1- Be Human - Tell your CEO's Story- People want to learn from people, and they want to connect with companies that are driven by people. Be the best at telling the world how great your teams are, and start with the He or She that started it and keeps it all going. Check out these guys on Forbes. 2- Tell the Story Behind the 'Thing' - So you created a cool app, gadget, plug-in, whatever. Why did you need it in your life? When it came into…
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